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2014 iQuantic Global Long-Term Incentive Practices Survey

How do other companies use equity compensation?

That decision, for many organizations, was once a no-brainer. It now involves considerations that include dilution and expense control, country-specific regulatory hurdles and approvals, tax implications, cultural issues, and the suitability of one award type over another in attracting, retaining, and motivating employees, while giving the company the greatest return on its investment in the stock plan. 

Buck’s iQuantic® Global Long-Term Incentive Practices Survey provides the market data compensation professionals rely on when evaluating LTI delivery to employees. It is geared towards publicly traded companies with broad-based employee LTI compensation practices and consists of 2 distinct components: 

1. Online questionnaire 
2. Data submission portion

Fee schedule

FREE:      Questionnaire/practices report

FREE:      All employee summary report

$2,750:   1-5 Countries

$7,500:   All countries


20% 20th Anniversary Discount for all past participants (use "20thAnniversary" coupon code upon checkout)

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