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Prescription Drug Benefit 2013

Your pharmacy benefit program has the potential to play an important role in maximizing “human capital”—the capabilities, knowledge, experience, wellness and full potential of your plan participants. When used wisely by plan participants, prescription drugs can substitute for a more expensive medical service, reduce absenteeism and improve on-the-job worker productivity. If not managed, prescription drugs represent a constant financial drain on company resources that undermines the return on investment of the entire health care benefits program.

Our survey continues to explore similar areas as last year’s (specialty and biological medications, data integration, benefit management activities, cost-sharing, value-based insurance design initiatives, and personal health accountability). In this year’s survey, we also address Healthcare Reform Legislation and its impact on active and retiree prescription drug programs, as well as whether multiple pharmacy benefit programs are offered to employees (as has been done for medical plans) and what changes in the programs are being contemplated. Employers need this information to intelligently discuss and make informed benefit decisions moving forward.

# of Contributing Organizations: 252
Effective Date: March 2013
Publication Date: April 2013

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