Compensation Planning for 2017
You need to find balance. Our Compensation Planning for 2017 survey gives Compensation Professionals like you the data that will help you find the right balance between controlling labor costs and inspiring the workforce. You should be part of it. The information you'll get by being part of this survey includes: • Pay increase percentages, budgets, and timing • Compensation philosophies and strategies • Pay-for-performance patterns • Methods for rewarding top performers • Attraction and retention programs • Short-term incentive plans and payouts • Impact of changes to FLSA

Survey schedule for 2016

Survey closes: July 13th.


If you wish to participate but don’t have the time to complete all the survey by July 13th, we accept your responses up to the Base Salary Increases section. And we´ll give you an extension to August 12th to complete the whole survey.  


Short report release date: August 2016

Full report release: September 2016


Fee schedule

Participants: FREE


Non-participants: $530 Full report

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